What’s New!


Claudia here, giving you an update on what’s new and exciting at TNT Clothing!  If you didn’t know, we have been closed for several months due to unforseen building maintenance. We are still extremely apologetic for the inconvenience for having to shut our doors suddenly. We are back in business now, and have some amazing BOGO (buy one get one and buy one get one 50% off) sales until Mothers Day!

Every day we are receiving and processing new products to have out by next week!  We have new kids, women’s and men’s Volcom, roxy girls, quicksilver, Women’s high rise Levi’s jeans and Men’s ripcurl walkshorts to name only a few!

We put out our new men and women’s Ten Tree, Nixon wallets, corkcickle, select women’s Levi’s jeans and the super fun Good Luck socks- which will all be 15% OFF at our Grand Re-Opening THIS Saturday! PLUS with every purchase your name gets entered into our draw and we will be drawing names throughout the day Saturday! So many reasons to stop by!

Thanks for reading and we hope to see you soon 🙂

Vacation Central!

Leaving COLD Lake?! We got the goods for your destination holiday, and spring is just around the corner 😉

SAXX VS My Package

We’ve long carried the brand of SAXX underwear, and they were SO popular that we had to bring in a similar brand: My Package. And so now, everyone asks…

“Whats the difference?”

“Which one is better?”

Well the answer is simple! They BOTH rule! And the difference is very small: Saxx has a “Ballpark Pouch” and My Package has a “keyhole”.

SAXX: A former baseball player, he imagined a catcher’s mitt hammock design and turned it upside down in his mind. After the fishing trip, and with the hammock idea still percolating, he worked with a seamstress and designer — and himself as the fit model — to create a paneled fabric hammock that separated his balls from his legs. Fourteen prototypes later, the BallPark Pouch™ and SAXX Underwear were ready for action.

My Package: Uses Keyhole Comfort Technology™ eliminates skin on skin contact, preventing the need to shift or adjust throughout the day. Paired with MyModal fabric, a material softer and more breathable than cotton, the fit and feel are like nothing you’ve experienced before.

About Corkcicle!

If You’ve stopped in recently you may have noticed that we now carry a new brand called Corkcicle.
They make all sorts of neat beverage holders such as their CANTEEN & TUMBLER

Enjoy 25 hours of cool.

With proprietary triple insulation, Canteen keeps beverages cold for 25 hours or hot for 12 wherever you take it. Available in great colors and four sizes, including the 25oz which holds a standard bottle of wine.

Sip in style.

At home or on-the-go, the triple-insulated Tumbler will keep your drink cool for 9 hours or hot for three. No freezing. No cup sweat. No joke.

Heres some Q & A On these amazing products:

How do they keep drinks hot/cold for so long? Corkcicle Canteens and Tumblers use a first-of-its-kind, proprietary layer of insulation. In between the two walls of stainless steel, there’s a third layer that keep drinks cold for up to 20 percent longer than other insulated bottles and cups.

Are Corkcicle products dishwasher safe? We recommend hand-washing all Corkcicle products to keep them working just right.

Can you close the lid on Tumbler? Yes! The Tumbler lid contains a slider that opens and closes.

Is Tumbler spill proof? The Tumbler lid is designed to be leak-resistant so you don’t have to worry about any major spills. But it’s not designed to be completely leak-proof, so try to keep Tumbler upright when you’re on the go.

What are you waiting for?! Come get yours TODAY!

Spring / Summer Footwear Arriving Daily!

Heading somewhere warm? Need to get some new sandals? All of Your favorite brands of footwear for spring and summer are arriving daily here at TNT! Come down and check out all the new styles and colors! Something for the whole family.

Also just arrived in time for the melting snow are the new Acton Rubber Bottes’ … Good for up to -23 Celsius and made of waterproof insulating lightweight EVA shell and Polar fleece lining. In  sizes 4-12 in kids